About the School
Developer's school is a unique educational platform for those who create progressive real estate properties. The School is aimed at top-managers of Russian development businesses, and is oriented to help them with real-world problems: from forming the product line-up (characteristics) and up to science technologies search.

In today's business world, in order to be a successful top-manager it's not enough just to get several diplomas of the leading Russian and foreign educational institutions. The future changes much faster than classical educational courses do. Modern leaders should have an ability to adapt to ever-changing future, constantly increase their expertise and follow the going-on processes. Individual educational path is the only possible way for a top-manager to update his or her professional level and to secure the quantum leap for the company.

Developer's school unites several educational formats: starting from online courses and up to on-the-job training in leading international companies. You can plan your individual educational path by yourself or using our assistance. Such an approach is way more effective than endless conferences and unsystematic reading of professional literature. We provide you with knowledge, expertise and experience directly from the projects' leaders.

Our responsibilities
— Provide every student with an individual educational path in accordance with his or her business challenges.
— Deliver new ideas, concepts, and formats to serve the needs of the project or the market itself.
— Adapt ideas, concepts, and formats to fit specific project's and business' needs.
— Track the trends and tendencies of the Global real estate market and of its specific segment, as well.
— Integrate innovative approach and technologies into the projects.

Our instruments
Educational routes. Which are educational business trips in search for innovation and successful practices.
Educational courses. Which are short-term postgraduate courses.
Individual educational path. Personal programs for top-managers in development.
Webinars. Online educational programs.
Library. Access to the selection of materials in development and redevelopment.
Events. Educational events in real estate.
Partner projects.

We know the value of the time. That's why you get the very precious and best with Developer's school.